this is a list of items I´m looking for my collection,
perhaps you can help me to find some of the following items.


Canada LP Radio Special:

Worldwide LP/Bootleg albums:


Worldwide CD Promos:

7" inch Bootleg singles:

US 7" inch singles:

CAN 7" inch singles:

Ireland 7" inch singles:

Japan 7" inch singles:

New Zealand 7" inch singles:

Guatamala 7" inch singles:

Philippines 7" inch singles:

Peru 7" inch singles:

Australia 7" inch singles:

Netherland 7" inch singles:

United Kingdom 12" inch singles:

Netherland 12" inch singles:

Argentina 12" inch singles:

Brazil 12" inch singles:

France 12" inch singles:

Mexico LP`s:

Argentina LP`s:

Australia LP`s:

Canada LP`s:

Columbia LP`s:

France LP`s:

German LP`s:

Greece LP`s:

Italy LP`s:

Japan LP`s:

New Zealand LP`s:

Netherland LP`s:

Phillipines LP`s:

South Africa LP`s:

Singapore LP`s:

Spain LP`s:

Taiwan LP`s:

United Kingdom LP`s:

US LP`s:

Brazil LP`s:

Venezuela LP`s:

US and Canada 8-Tracks:

CAN mc`s:

US mc`s:

UK mc`s:

German mc`s:

Indunesia mc`s:

Japan mc`s:

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